A great start for ASEVAFE´s BIM Library


On the 1st of May, we launched ASEFAVE´s BIM Library on It includes generic BIM windows in which ASEFAVE´s members are included.

It has been a resounding success. The latest numbers show (from the 1st of May until Oct. 29th/2014) the demand of more than 1.129 BIM file downloads, from 27 countries, with 17 construction industry disciplines. Each download comes with an average of 9.845 page views from thr ASEFAVE brand.

ASEFAVE´s BIM Library includes 30 BIM files developed in Autodesk® Revit® in Spanish.

In a few months the library will grow in size to a total of 100 BIM files, including Spanish and English languages. This increase will help its promotion, benefiting directly to the internationalization of the companies who are current members of the association.


  • Downloads per country

  • Downloads per profession

  • Downloads per product




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