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Pablo Callegaris

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BIM is being heard evermore strongly in Spain since 2010, maybe in part because of a sudden spurt of common sense amidst the sudden crisis that fell upon the country and the need of people to generate a change in the way things are done in the construction industry.

If I had to describe such initiatives, I would say that these people are authentic “Entrepeneurs”, capable of seeing beyond the tough situation that Spain is going through, betting big, and risking loss, in order to innovate in a field that is in constant development, such as BIM.

It was around 2011, when got started with my business partner, Cristobal. Back then almost everyone predicted failure on our part, not because the idea was bad but because of the economic hardship, mentality, and bureocracy in Spain were against us. Yet here we are, after almost three years with the online platform and diversifying our bussiness model, growing and hiring new staff, being seen in over 60 countries and also being in Mexico and Russia; we can´t complain.


There is no secret or mystery to it, just many hours of work, concept polishing, keeping a positive attitude, and keeping an eye on the market and its evolution. This is the formula that every entrepeneur needs to have in mind in order to stand out and offer competitive BIM products.

But the BIM entrepeneur has not been left to do this on its own, thanks to nonprofit groups like: Valencia´s EUBIM, The Building Smart Spanish Chapter, or the latest BIM conference in Valladolid, and many others have generated, what I call the “BIM wave of confidence”. This has been capable of enthusing anyone who sets their sights on BIM. Among these groups many ideas are being carried out, along with their business models, and they appear to be the seeds that will make Spain competittive once again the construction industry.

In my opinion, integrative business models and collaboration are the key. One cannot only be BIM in concept, but also through the materialization of the ideas. We can see these ideas in these six articles written by Spanish BIM entrepeneurs, that were selected among many others, that tell us what they do and how they shape the business that they lead.

“Those who bet on BIM, have a great opportunity to grow.”



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