BIM Management for the coordination of sustainable construction.

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There has always been key moments in construction history, and now we are living one of them with BIM being the cause. We can say that this was the XXI century´s industrial revolution. From its emergence in our industry, we do not see buildings the same way. We are able to understand the only way to successfully procure projects is to work in a collaborative manner from the beginning and share the experiences and lessons learned to all of the agents in the construction proces.

SACH Consulting has always been concious of this, and throughout its trajectory, since 2001, it has been innovating its techniques, tools, and operational methodology to implement them in the development of its projects.

For the betterment of Project Management, it manages to be the first company in the world to get an ISO 21500 International Certificate (Guidelines for Construction Project Management) given by AENOR, and following the necessities that is requires to push BIM implementation within the company, being conscious of the benefits obtained from the union of both innovations in a future project management task.


Analisis and visualization of a SACH project during execution phase.

This new work methodology that along with Project Management, ISO 21500 Guidelines, and BIM Methodology, is what we call BIM MANAGEMENT.

We have been using this way of coordinating projects since 2013 , in a satisfying manner in the Ecoeficient Retail sector, in which we are specialists. We are also being helped by the development of building renovations, in sustainable hotel projects, and energy renovations.

In broad strokes, BIM MANAGEMENT methodology consists in the application of processes that ISO 21500 builds upon, making it particular to each type of project, SACH´s coordination techniques; our “Know how”, and applying operational tools to BIM methodology.

It´s fundamental that for optimizing this methodology, that INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY must be used, it is distinguished from the traditional contractual system by being an agreement between the client, the constructor, and the design and management teams from the start and where risk and success is shared by all, and the accomplishment of the parties depends on the acomplishment of the project.


Visualization of a SACH project from an execution phase and the built phase.

SACH Consulting bets on sustainable consulting and building management through BIM Management methodology, according to the highest sustainability standards, resulting in solutions that lessen environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of each project. The momentum of sustainable construction, through integrated operation of a collaborative 3D Model, that is committed with energy efficiency the necessary environmental protection, and resources optimization.

Buildings should be efficient in their management, but most importantly be CERTIFIABLE. The client wants and should know the degree of social responsibility of the companies in the development of their projects, and in order to do that it must obtain Certificates that guarantee trust in third parties that can show that, since the start, the project has been developed keeping a good result in mind that allows for the harmonious integration of social, environmental, and economic aspects through a sustainable mindset. SACH Consulting has understood that LEED Certification is the guarantee of these standards and is the greatest recognition at an international level, having participated in bringing LEED Certification about in the Ecoefficient-RETAIL Sector where SACH Consulting is renowned and specialized. An example of this is a mixed used building, hotel and commerce, in downtown Valencia, where the USGBC has given LEED Platinum to the store, where sustainability parameters have been above the standard, consuming 30% less energy and 75% less water, reducing CO2 emissions by 44% and it is expected for the Hotel to receive the LEED Gold category.

With reference to the development of this four-star hotel with 54 rooms, following the Sustainable Hotel criteria promoted by the ITH, we have taken the following sustainability parameters into account: Utilizing sustainable materials, adequate residue management, that guarantee an index of divergence greater that of 75%, where in a Hotel the installations with greater consumption are HVAC and lighting, we have placed particular emphasis on reducing its enegry consumption. For lighting, we have used LED technology, that surpasses standard lighting in terms of efficiency and heat generation. For HVAC, the latest products have been implemented along with their best energy eficiency and air quality performance through the VRV system, Free Cooling, and heat reclaimers. The proper management of the installations according to occupancy rate is fundamental. Because of this each floor and spaces have been divided to have only those occupied spaces consume energy. For optimum management, monitorization of consumption and installation efficiency, having controls and communication systems, for quick decision-making and analisis capability on energy efficiency matters that have as an objective the integrated operation of the different installations of this ECOEFICIENT HOTEL STRUCTURE in a centralized manner. In the same way responsible management of water has been used, by equiping low pressure faucets, and controlled discharge cisterns. To avoid solar panels generating hot water and covering the roof and limiting solarium space, a centralised Microgeneration heat system has been selected, which is a new concept in energy eficiency in the joint generation of heat and electricity for the ACS Hotel.

In conclusion to this article, we musc accept that BIM is a great reality for the future of Sustainable Construction and in conjunction with ISO 21500 guidelines which allow for an efficient development of BIM Management Methodology for the betterment of a Construction Process.


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