Our Mission is Preventing Accidents and Saving Lives

ECOBAM are Speed Bumps, Bicycle Road Dividers and Road Dividers, both in cast iron with 10 year warranty (100% Renewable, 100% Reusable), in addition we have an anti-theft system that makes them unique in the market.

In contrast with the lack of security that current rubber solutions suffer (caused by deformation, breakages and fastening issues), ECOBAM has developed a NEW technology with unbeatable advantages as it is undeformable, unbreakable, no screws needed and sustained by civil works that is guaranteed for up to 10 years and that can include LED lighting.

At the Smart City World Congress in Barcelona we have presented:

  • Speed Bumps able to send a light signal warning to drivers that there is a pedestrian crossing.
  • Cycleway Dividers able to send a light signal warning to drivers that there is a bicycle crossing a road cross.
  • Cycleway Dividers with luminescent painting so at night your path is illuminated, and also with daylight show very bright and clear.

Speed Bumps are in operation for more than 3 years with full satisfaction in Portugalete (Basque Country) and for 2 years in the Airport of Barcelona and Barcelona City Council (Tunnel Rovira) and other locations in municipalities around Spain (Catalonia, La Rioja, Madrid, Basque Country)and also in Mexico.

BIM for every Professional

With the Bimetica support, ECOBAM joins BIM technology and goes a step forward in its innovation path. Entering Bimetica.com we are able to get the characteristics of every ECOBAM model and its technical requirements description. This way ECOBAM can offer to every Professional a BRAND NEW Product, with unique advantages, not seen before in the Road Safety market.

Free download in

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