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EBS15-The European BIM Summit 2015 is a one and a half-day Summit taking place on February 12th & 13th in Barcelona at the BCN World Trade Center. In an iconic building (Henry Cobb was its architect) set right on the seafront in Barcelona’s Port Vell, the European BIM Summit 2015 will be attended by 400+ delegates, 10+ sponsors, 20+ public administration bodies, 30+ companies, 5+ universities and will be covering the latest BIM application opportunities and projects in Europe.

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Europe’s building life cycle needs to urgently incorporate new technologies to be able to innovate and offer the sector a new future. The BIM concept covers control and management of all the information generated in the design process, from the conceptual design phase and decision-making at the construction stage (by means of modelling) to the most advanced phases of structural and installation design and, most importantly, during the period of production, management and maintenance of an existing building that is transformed or new construction.


  • Government agencies in Europe cannot allow a situation in which their building projects and constructions do not meet previously established budgets and timelines.
  • Construction is the production sector with the highest unemployment rate and the lowest implementation of industrialization. This makes it the sector in need of most attention and firm commitment to innovation.
  • In January 2014, the European Parliament voted to update legislation on public procurement by recommending the use of electronic tools such as BIM for projects, works and open design competitions.
  • Directive 2014/24/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 donde public procurement and repealing Directive 2004/18/EC de 28.3.2014, Artículo 22, Point 4

    The BIM model is a single digital model containing documents that are coordinated and shared between disciplines and used as a centralized or even delocalized (cloud) management tool in a collaborative working environment that increases control of all the processes involved in the building life cycle. This converts Building Information Modelling as the emerging approach in construction processes (including all dimensions from 1D to 8D): design and project, analysis, documentation and management related to architecture, engineering and related procurement.
  • This is why we need an event that is open to different disciplines, institutions and collectives, to represent the state of the art of BIM in the construction sector.
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From the Col·legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació of Barcelona (CAATEEB) and BIM Academy, we have set the organization of this high level conference on Building Information Modelling (BIM) jointly with the main actors in the different covered subjects: European associations as AEEBC, CIAT, buildingSMART, Professional Engineers, Obge-Bole and special guests as AIA. Product manufacturers and their translators to BIM as Roca, Bimetica; global builders as CCC, boKlok; corporate real states as Cimpress, Via Célere; projects as the Abu Dhabi Airport, Crossrail…; strategic BIM softwares as Trimble, Bentley, Cype, Graphisoft, etc.

The value proposition of the European BIM Summit.

Aware of the importance that this new model of organizing cross-building processes is having for the sector in Europe and worldwide, and the need to adopt more efficient practices, the European BIM Summit will be the platform to learn and interact with international experts. The entire construction industry needs to understand the changes, benefits, opportunities as well as improvements that BIM will bring to companies, public bodies and technicians, to regenerate outdated models.

    Implementing a new innovation process in any sector marks the difference between leaders and mere followers.
    The European BIM Summit is conceived as an incentive programme to present, capture, share and generate knowledge. Contents, connections and networking are the basis of this event.
    In only one day and a half, over Thursday and Friday, the various representatives of collectives involved in the construction process will have the chance to present ways of transforming their profession and its processes, and of advocating change, accepting and welcoming it.
  • AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT for those who want change (and for those who need it)
    The papers, presented by foremost experts from all over Europe, will centre on the attendants quickly accepting and adopting change, correctly managing change, making change positive and thereby acquiring a competitive edge.
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CAATEEB is an umbrella organization for more than 8,000 building professionals skilled in all phases of the construction cycle from planning to execution, the subsequent maintenance and renovation, and always adding value to quality and economic control of the building process. Together with BIM Academy, one of the main education bodies in Spain, we are improving training, and implanting BIM in the construction and public sectors.

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