The Spanish association of Brick and Clay tile manufacturers, more commonly known as HISPALYT, is the second manufacturer´s association that gets involved by jumping into BIM technology.

Imagen logo Hispalyt

On April 24th 2014, BIMETICA and HISPALYT signed a collaborative agreement in which the association will have a company profile in Bimetica.com. (See here), can then add their BIM files and details for downloading.


HISPALYT has seen that BIM technology offers an opportunity to lead the change in design and construction techniques, providing information about its SILENSIS solution; a construction system with high soundproofing qualities that averages above the 50db required Spanish Technical construction code. SILENSIS was developed expressly to comply with the soundproofing requirements of the Construction Code, and such information will be included in their BIM files.

Imagen Muro Hispalyt

Another objective is to encourage its associates in knowing more about BIM, and impel them to adopt this technology to increase their competitiveness at home and abroad.



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