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David Martinez

Architect – BIM Expert ibim

Ibim Building Twice, SL is a serivce provider and consultancy related to the use and implementation of BIM technology.

It is led by four experienced professionals in the construction industry (architects, engineers), members of GURV (Revit Users Group of Valencia) and Autodesk Certified for Revit Architecture; Professionals with 20 years of experience in the development of projects, site coordination, construction planning, and people and material management. Experts in the applied use of BIM work methodology and its tools, with more than 7 years experience in this field.

If every partner is specialized in a concrete area, covering BIM practical and profound manner: architecture, structure, MEP, and coordination. GURV is the oldest group of BIM users (founded on 2010), pioneers in the field of gathering professionals socially to talk about BIM, continously sinde 2010 until now, with monthly meetings. These meetings are held in the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), and have an technical exhibition from a member or a guest, and are followed by group administration issues. Before and after the reunions we usually do some networking through lunch/dinner or with some drinks.

Because of GURV, other simmilar groups formed in Spain: Madrid, Catalunya, Málaga, Extremadura, Galicia, Sevilla…and the first encounter of BIM users – EUBIM – got held on 2012 in Valencia. A year later, being again the hosts of the first BIM conference in Spain, always in the UPV.


In 2013 the City of Valencia offerced scholarships to new companies through its Valencia Emprende initiative. It is an initiative of the Department of Enrepeneurial Projects and Innovation of the City of Valencia, that has as an objective the fostering entrepenourship in Valencia and thus contributing to the technological growth of Valencian companies.

IBIM has constituted a company initiative that has been prized by the City of Valencia, in the call for entries of Valencia Emprende 2013, that is done to boost development in a solid and specialized manner, but companies with a technological base and innovative ideas. In order to do this, one has to attend 100 hours of business administration clases that encompass marketing, tax, coordination, strategy, sales, and innovation…

More than 100 initiatives were presented in 2013´s call. In order to qualify, we had to pass through a filter which only had room for 30 proposals, and IBIM was among those selected.

After the classes, in order to be elegible for the grand prize and economic endowment, we had to be among the 10 best. This selection process was made among a jury of 10 people with diverse company profiles. The 30 finalist companies prepared an “Elevator Pitch”, a presentation of 4-5 minutes where one had to explain the essence of the proposal, market analisis, added value of service, and necessary starting investment along with the economic study of the first three years of the company, as most companies fail during their first year.

Well, IBIM was finnally among the 10 best ideas and we were prized for entrepeneurship by the City of Valencia.


The services that are part of IBIM are: consulting, training, R&D, BIM implementation, Project collaboration, construction management, and bim content development.

  • -Consulting: tailor-made services for companies and professionals.
  • -BIM Training: academic and corporate. Specializing in Autodesk Suite: Building Design Premium. Principally Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, and Navisworks, including their interoperability with other softwares: CypeCAD, CypeCD MEP, Arquímides and price generator, Presto, Lumion, MS Office…
    -In academic environments: Polytechnic University of Valencia, Cardenal Herrera CEU University in Valencia, Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of Coruña, Animum creative advanced school in Málaga, Valencia and Castellón´s Architectural colleges.
    -In corporate environments: tailor-made courses for offices, taking into account the main reason for the training, and implementing BIM right from the start to offices in: architecture, engineering, construction, development, product manufacturers, etc.
  • R&D: Study and research of procedures that optimize workflows between different tools by our clients. Development of scientific studies for specialized conferences in the BIM industry. Treatment of Revit´s database in relation to MS Access.
  • BIM Implementation: adaptation of the production of a technical office in BIM technology. Gradual procedures with specified short term and long term milestones. Tailor-made training for each department. Work is also used for learning in a personal and specific manner.
  • Project collaboration, site planning, construction management: moving documentation from CAD to BIM, adapting and developing BIM production as an office, evolving already existing BIM implementation, project auditing through BIM technology for comparison vs. CAD results (clash detection, coordination between disciplines: architecture, engineering and MEP, Quantity take-offs), development of pre-construction models and construction process simulations including construction timetables, 4D and 5D animations, and As-built BIM models and construction register development, Laser scanning surveys with BIM treatment by point clouds.
  • Clients: Sener Engineering and Systems, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, Dragados, OHL, Arup, Phi Design, Unicon Development.



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