Interview with David Barco Moreno, Gestproject®Director of Development at Micad Global Group.

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David Barco Moreno

Architect – BIM Expert banner_micad_gestproject

1- We have heard much about the Gestproject® software, but can you briefly tell us what can it do?

Gestproject® is a company coordination software, specializing in AEC offices with more than 12.000 users, that is based on the coordination of projects and covers the participating areas of a company or that an individual might need on a daily basis: client database, service providers, material and human resources, documents, finances, and quality control. It also includes a unique database to help a professional´s day to day work with project revision lists, codes and regulations, etc.

2- What makes Gestproject® stand appart from other coordination software?

Gestproject® has been designed keeping in mind the flow of information in a natural an logical way, starting at the comission stage, survey stagy, planning, and even the end stage has specific areas to help project landing (code compliance, licences, and paperwork) and is completely parametricized for the environment of architects and engineers with a unique database (project typologies, comission types, phases, specific tasks, revision lists, code compliance checklists). All parameters used have been based on ISO, college, and government standards. All of this for technical offices in order to help company coordination.

3- You think thar company coordination is important and that is should be based on a software?

Every company needs a company plan, a system of coordination, project flow and control processes, and quality control. The same as software like Revit, Archicad, Allplan, and AECOsim is used for project coordination, or as engineers use structural software like Cype, Tricalc, Robot, or the Quantity Surveyor has Presto or Arquímides, the coordination of a company needs a software like Gestproject®.

4- What features should a company coordination software have?

A company coordination software should be a modern solution that integrates the principal areas of a company: resources (contracts, company, departments, centers, personel), administration (accounting, workforce, taxes), quality (ISO, PRL). All these functions should be centralized andinteroperable between each team member, in order to improve efficiency and productivity like better processes, timing, costs, and project quality. Gestproject® integrates all of these elements for the development and control of each project cycle.

5- Do you see any simmilarities between Gestproject´s abilities and BIM methodology?

There are parallel fundamental concepts that are of great importance. We can surmise that both systems integrate and share information in real-time, integrating people, processes, and applications; information is generated automatically and linked to a unique database; improve communication and project compression; having secure information and reducing mistakes; time, resources, and cost saving; increasing revenue and productivity as well as quality; allowing to plan with precision with a fast and accessible manner; defining new work flows and having a proper project lifecycle from concept to demolition (or rehabilitation).

6- We know that Gestproject® has been improving for more than 10 years. Is it currently more BIM than ever?

From the beggining, Gestproject® has bet on a adaptive database that is suited for the AEC industry. This means that all parameters that are available to users are set in with a technical mindset; a project´s day to day. All of this philosophy has been translated to BIM projects, updating program databases with patameters and own BIM methodology records. In order to do this, we have included: BIM standards (COBie, UK AEC, uBIM, ISO), complementary listings of content download sites like Bimetica, BIM forums, BIM resources, BIM diagrams and roles, etc. As a matter of fact, Gestproject® is the only coordination software that has all of these resoruces included in its database.

De hecho Gestproject es el único software de gestión de proyectos que dispone de este tipo de recursos instalados en su base de datos.

7 – Can users aquire a trial version?

Ofcourse, they can ask for a free and functional Gestproject® LT version here:, and one can also see the different product ranges here:

8- Company coordination, BIM methodology, and quality are all aspects that a modern technical office should have. What do you think of this?

We think that each AEC office shouold have a solid foundation of quality, project coordination and production with BIM methodology. These pilars shouls allow for companies to offer quality products, control processes and costs, and its ROI. For innovation, research and development, they should not conform and should look for constant improvement. This advice should help improve our products, having them keep their added value and keep them from becoming obsolete.

9- You talk about entrepeneurship. An experience of such kind?

Entrepeneurship, among other definitions, is the capacity of developing creative and multiplicative ideas that usually fall out of conventional systems, conservative ideas and secure jobs. From this mindset, we are entrepeneurs since the first activity I´ve participated in. Ofcousse I´m talking as an Architect, Technologist, BIM expert, Quality auditor, and business partner in several companies.

We´ve been participating in a project called “Q+BIM+Gest” for a few years now, that searches new productive models of work in technical offices. As a result of this, new business models come about, as well as new activities based on new technologies like BIM, the redesign of company processes, searching for quality integration. Many of the results have been added to the improvement of the Gest project software, others in new BIM services and in new ways of developing projects.

I firmly believe that all professional activities should have a point of disconformity, to promote new projects, products, and services. There is still much work to do and much to study in order to reach these new standards: BIG Data, Smart Cities, Smart Offices…




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