Knauf Insulation launches its BIM catalogue in Spain.


Josep Bové

Technical and Sustainability Department logo-knaufinsulation

Knauf Insulation, the 30-year-old worldwide experienced German multinational which leads the insulation solutions market for construction, is a major driver of sustainable architecture, promoting energy efficiency of buildings and reducing the environmental impact.

Working the concept of sustainability from a very early design stage is the best method to ensure energy efficiency of a building. Therefore, it is crucial to use BIM in order to plan processes, use and maintenance of the building through its whole life.

The role of manufacturers and suppliers at this stage of the project is essential to ensure the principles of sustainability and efficiency, which is the reason why we encourage the use of BIM and support this format so that it can be put in place as a projection work method for all professionals in a prospect future.

Therefore, to expand its scope not only in an early project phase but in every phase of the building, in Knauf Insulation we have created our BIM catalogue with a wide range of solutions covering all areas of thermal and acoustic insulation.

To reinforce Knauf Insulation commitment with BIM, our company has recently partnered with Building Smart Spanish Chapter and may be present in the highest representative body of BIM in the country.


In order to let professionals take the most advantage of BIM catalogue, make a good use of it and maximize its performance, is essential that the BIM catalogue is made with utmost care and quality through constant contact between the development team and the manufacturer. That’s why we constantly check the accuracy of the information transferred to the BIM file so that no error may occur. This joint work will facilitate professionals and prescribers’ work with BIM, since the catalogue reliability is guaranteed after constant review and update. Thus, we can manage first-hand information.

A professional who chooses a Knauf Insulation solution from the BIM catalogue will immediately see its effect on his project, being able to replace it with another that also suits the project. If the professional seeks a solution which is not available in the catalogue from the platform, he can always contact us to get a suitable one or create an object that fits the needs of the designer, if necessary. The contact between manufacturer and designer is a clear advantage that will allow to optimize both financial and material resources, and ensure a reduction of the overall impact of the building.

To use a catalogue solution involves using a proven and guaranteed quality market solution, so that the speculation and uncertainty of the result may be minimised.

A team of professionals at Knauf Insulation is prepared to respond inmediately to future projects where BIM is used, and thus, we can work on prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability since the moment a new project is started.

As our goal is BIM maximum dissemination, in Knauf Insulation we have decided to increase the catalogue versatility by developing Revit and Archicad files, two of the largest providers of BIM software, expanding the range of professionals who can use the created objects. By developing the catalogue in different formats, the exchange of information between professionals is encouraged, so is the collaboration when designing, thus facilitating the communication and file and projects compatibility.

Knauf Insulation is the first national insulation manufacturer willing to offer worlwide a catalogue of BIM format solutions, with entirely free access and providing the information needed to develop a project including this methodology.

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